We do agree with the philosophy of giving back to society. As a responsible Indian our Directors Mr. Dinesh Jagnani and Mr. Abhishek Jagnani are donors for certain health centers in Ahmedabad. The company is committed to donate a lum sum amount to dialysis center in Ahmedabad. It not only takes care of the operation charges but also the patients are given conveyance charges.

Bright future begins with nurturing and trimming the young minds. We donate to CRY organization which is a reputed NGO that looks after children undergoing child labor and child abuse.

Quality Compliances

Each and every country has its own standard rule book defined to import goods. In order to export to such countries, we have got our products certified through various Internationally recognized authorities. To name some we got our products registered and verified through ZDHC, GOTS, GOST, PREREACH, REACH.